Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness

Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness

Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness


Are you struggling in building your brand? If yes, then consider guest posting to raise your brand awareness.

Guest posting is a powerful digital marketing tactic in 2023. It is an effective brand-building strategy to use to develop your brand. It assists in enhancing off-page SEO and building links. Guest posting can be called the black sheep of SEO tactics.

In this post, we’ll provide you with 15 tips on guest posting to increase your brand awareness.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Do you still need guest post services in 2023? Yes, it is believed that guest post services will still be necessary in 2023.

The benefits of guest posting are numerous, and they continue to be valuable for businesses of all sizes. As the web evolves, businesses will continue to require aid in reaching their target audiences online and thus, guest posting will remain the most efficient way of doing that.

Here’re some key benefits of guest posting:

  • Increase your website’s backlinks
  • Raise domain authority of websites
  • Generate superior quality referral traffic
  • Raise brand awareness of businesses
  • Generate qualified leads and business opportunities
  • Attract a specific target audience
  • Thought leadership

Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness

Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness

15 tips to increase your brand awareness

Here we’ve listed 15 tips to make the best use of a guest posting campaign and increase your brand awareness:

  1. Stick to your niche & exploit your expertise

As a digital marketer, you must focus on guest content about video marketing. Having a narrow focus on marketing is a sign of true experts. The key to expertise is quite simple: you must actually be an expert in whatever you’re writing about.

Your prime focuses for guest posting are content creation, time management and productivity. However, stick to your area of expertise when guest posting.Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness

  1. Develop all the evergreen content as possible

It is crucial to focus on creating evergreen content. Experts are often approached for views about newsworthy items. So, don’t deny those opportunities but along with that, keep in mind guest posting is different. Creating content for ever-changing industries might be challenging but you should try to create as much evergreen content as possible. Your aim for guest post content should be 90% evergreen and 10% newsworthy.

  1. Target vigorous, appropriate websites

Many SEO professionals emphasis on the domain authority of a website, but that single component doesn’t tell the whole story of a website’s strength.

It is vital to target strong and relevant websites for guest posting campaigns. You must look for strong quality websites loaded with trustworthy content written by experts.

If a website links to irrelevant domains with contemptible content, then save your energy and move on to the next target website. Keep in mind to first focus on brand building and then on link acquisition.

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  1. Develop your relationship with good publications

After finding a strong website and guest post reverberating with its audience, do as many things as possible for the website. Most guest posts feature a link to the home page, which means that the first link is the strongest and each has a diminishing return on value. Having a strong publication can influence your audience and focus on developing your brand.

  1. Optimize your bio

Numerous websites will restrict your capability to link to personal websites throughout your blog. So, try focusing on making and optimizing your bio.

You can use your bio to link to the website to get benefits. After that, form a description that best captures your brand as well as appeals to that audience.

Do your best to raise the potential of your bio to increase your brand awareness.

Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness

  1. Never forget about SEO

Some guest contributors usually forget about SEO when developing a guest post. So, never forget about SEO when blog posts and focus on target keywords.

Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness

  1. Go long and state other appropriate & link-worthy sources

Search engines desire to represent articles with serious value and it is easier to give value with longer posts. Most guest posts should be around 1500 words. But it is recommended to go longer at around 2500 words per post to do SEO.

  1. Remember to intensify

It is required to exploit a guest post. Ensure to tag the publication and push the story on all social channels to influence others to share more. Another strategy is linking to the article on the main website and sharing posts on different social media channels.

  1. Refer to your other published guest posts

Link to the other articles if you’ve more than one guest post published in the same niche. This tactic builds synergy between all of your guest posts across the network and assists search engines connect all guest posting efforts.Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness.

  1. Find guest post opportunities & perfect your pitch

It’s easy to get opportunities online, so simply Google the following by industry keyword:

  • Accepting guest posts
  • Guest post submissions
  • Guest post guidelines

Once finding the ideal publication, the next challenge is the perfect pitch. Below is a list of key points to take into consideration when pitching as a guest poster:

  • Make each pitch personal
  • Talk informally
  • Keep the initial email short
  • Offer a list of proposed topics
  • Offer some credentials of published work
  • Let them know how to create search-friendly contentGuest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness
  • 11. Safeguard guest posts

Guest posting is mainly a portion of an overall awareness PR tactic that include other means of brand exposure. Although you have contributed to the guest post, publications can change their content marketing tactics rapidly. Try to put more effort into your ‘home base’ content to prevent your work from disappearing.

  1. Engage with posts

Develop greater engagement on posts by reacting to comments on the post and social media. Ensure to track your guest posts throughout social media and engage with all comments to produce a buzz.  Guest posting in 2023 15 Tips to increase your brand awareness

  1. Track your guest posts

It will be helpful to track your guest posts as it can be a way to organize your project management and view the results and leads. SEMrush offers a post-tracking tool that tracks social media engagement and links to different guest posts. Tracking guest posts can help build brand and authority.

  1. Remain on the right side of Google’s guidelines

Google introduced some guidelines, so you should be aware of when contributing guest content to other publications. Google penalize websites that accept guest posts according to SEO Journal. So, you should do your homework before the guest posts contribution.

15. Continue to influence guest posting

It is crucial to enhance your guest posting tactic by doing it more often. The more publications you can extend your authorship to, the more awareness you’ll create. Implementing consistent guest posting into the marketing tactic is effective to raise your thought leadership as well as site traffic.



Guest posting is a crucial part of digital marketing. The above-mentioned tips on guest posting can help you know about guest posts and how to increase your brand awareness through guest content.

Moreover, guest posts can provide great value to brand-building strategies. So focus on guest content to acquire numerous benefits. Guest posting can be an efficient way to drive traffic to your website as it enables people or experts to write posts or articles for other websites.

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