Chris Bailey Weather

Chris Bailey Weather

Chris Bailey Weather specializes in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of weather measurements, gauges and sensors for the electronics industry.

Chris Bailey Weather is a free weather app for Android and iPhone that allows you to check local and current conditions, as well as the forecast for the next few hours.

Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey is the chief meteorologist of Chris Bailey Weather. He takes pride in giving accurate weather forecasts for Atlanta, GA and other surrounding areas. He is a true pioneer of world data.

Chris Bailey helps us to understand the weather and make good decisions on field conditions. He is also the first co-host of the Fox 56 Morning Edition.

Chris Bailey was born and raised by his parents in Salyersville, Kentucky, US. His love for weather can be traced back to his early childhood when his parents used to tell him stories at a window watching snowstorms and thunderstorms for hours.

When Chris was in his 5th grade, he was selected to become a weather watcher for his hometown his friend Brian Collins. He was happily married to his beautiful wife named, Scarlett Bailey. The couple has an 11-year-old daughter named Wynter.

Chris Bailey’s weather forecast

Temps remain below normal. It’s another colder-than-normal day on 25th April 2023, but the numbers are up a bit compared to the past several days. Since we look ahead toward later this week, the weather would be more hideous on the way as per Chris Bailey.

This morning temps begin in the upper 20s and low 30s for the third morning in a line. By the afternoon, a combination of sun and clouds assist temps hit 60-65 for much of the region.

A southern system throws a light rainfall option into counties that border Tennessee, but most of the area remains dry with temps back into the low and middle 60s.

Chris Bailey weather

Chris Bailey is recognized as a leading provider of weather prediction and severe weather news.

He is working as a chief meteorologist for WKYT-TV and a double duty meteorologist for Fox 56 Morning Edition. He joined the WKYT weather team when he began his career in 1998.

Chris first worked as a weekend weather forecast before being moved to noon. Additionally, he was moved to the morning show after serving for 6 years. He has taken a leave of absence from WKYT to join WSAZ in Huntington, West Virginia.

Before joining as Chief Meteorologist at WKYT, he worked there as a meteorologist for 4 years. He appears on weather reports, writes newspaper articles and gives presentations on television shows such as Good Morning America, The Early Show and CBS Sunday Morning.

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Being a chief meteorologist, Chris briefs the public on weather patterns and weather occurrences via his weather blog. The most major event covered by Chris involves a devastating ice storm and a 2004 F3 tornado that touched down only 5 miles from his home. Additionally, Chris used to update regular weather occurrences and people get to know the regular weather conditions.

Chris Bailey Weather has an extensive sort of features, including:

  • Hurricane tracker: Track hurricanes and typhoons in real-time
  • Real-time alerts: Get notifications when a hurricane approaches
  • Location tracking: Track your location at all times (requires GPS)
  • Weather radar: See current weather conditions on a map
  • Sunrise/sunset times: Find out when sunrise or sunset will occur anywhere in the world


Chris Bailey Weather provides the most accurate weather information, including temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and rainfall.

Key Takeaway

Chris Bailey Weather is the best source for weather and sports news in the world. We have a huge community of followers, and we’re always looking to expand our reach.

Overall, Chris has the right idea when it comes to weather apps. They should be clean and simple. To ignore this fact would be a disservice to readers trying to quickly get an overview of the day’s weather.

We’ve been growing at a steady pace over the last few years, and now we need your help to grow even faster!


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