EGO EXINNO 240w/120w the King of Chargers

Why is the EGO EXINNO 240w/120w the King of Chargers?

Why is the EGO EXINNO 240w/120w the King of Chargers?

Why is the EGO EXINNO 240w/120w the King of Chargers? Are you looking for something more than just your average everyday charger? Are you in the market for a device that can offer both speed and power, but also comes with plenty of other features to make it worth every penny? Look no further: The EGO EXINNO 240w/120w is here to take the crown as this year’s king of chargers. With its dual wattage adjustable design, fast charging capabilities up to 2A per port, built-in safety protections, and multiple ports perfect for any device type – all while maintaining an affordable price – this powerful charger is set to revolutionize how we power our electronic devices. Keep reading below and let us show you why the EGO EXINNO 240w/120w is sure to become your go-to choice when it comes to powering up quickly!


EGO EXINNO 240w/120w – An Overview & Why is the EGO EXINNO 240w/120w the King of Chargers?

The EGO EXINNO 240w/120w is an incredibly powerful and versatile charger that offers a host of features designed to make charging easier and more efficient. This charger is the king of chargers, offering superior performance, reliability, and convenience for any charging needs. From its ultra-fast charge times to its advanced safety features, the EGO EXINNO 240w/120w truly stands out from the crowd. With dual ports providing up to 24 amps of power output, it can quickly charge multiple devices simultaneously without overloading or creating a fire hazard. 


Additionally, this state-of-the-art charger includes temperature control technology which helps prevent overheating while also extending battery life. Furthermore, with built-in surge protection and short circuit prevention technologies, you can rest assured your device will always be safe when plugged into the EGO EXINNO 240w/120W charger. 

What makes EXINNO the first 6-port simultaneous fast charger in the world?

It is extremely difficult to design a USB charger with six ports that are fast-charging since not only are there six fast-charging chips but there is also a complex power formula. A six-port charger paired with a six-volt charger paired with a seven-protocol quick charger equals 252.

 EGO EXINNO 240w/120w the King of Chargers

  1. Display panel for LED Wattage in real-time

In the past, people have encountered problems including damaged cables, misconnected charging cables, forgetting to turn on the power, chargers that do not support charging modes, devices that don’t charge, as well as slow charging speeds.


A real-time LED wattage display panel gives EXINNO a truly iconic design in today’s digital age. Three times-per-second updates are displayed on each charging port, along with a fast-charging status indicator. You can monitor your device’s charging speed with the Wattage display. The state of each device is clearly visible at a glance, so there is no need to check if it is charging.


A specific angle is set on the display panel, helping to facilitate the most efficient reading experience. It is possible to clearly see how much power is going to each port, so you can choose the ports that will charge your devices most quickly.

  1. One of the world’s smallest

With 240W of Gallium Nitride (GaN) power supply in the palm of your hand, EXINNO is the first pocket-sized 240W charger in the world. In terms of size, it is the smallest 240 watt charger in the world, down to 70% smaller than traditional chargers of the same power. In pictures and videos, it appears that EXINNO will be of the same size as shown in the pictures and videos. 

  1. Supports all Fast Charging Protocols

The first fast charging charger in the world, Exinno supports all fast charging protocols. It’s not necessary to worry about problems relating to non-support. There are five types of fast charging technology included in this product: QC5, QC4+, QC3, QC2, PD, and PPS. A variety of earlier versions are also supported, including QC4+, QC3, QC2, PD, and PPS. PD, PPS, QC5, SCP, VOOC, QC3.0, along with all fast-charging formats, such as AFC, FCP, DASH, DCP, FCP, MTK, PE2.0, are also supported. There is compatibility with Apple, Sony, ASUS ROG, , Nintendo, Huawei, Samsung, and more.

  1. A good value for money

The benefits of combining all these features and functions are priceless, regardless of how much effort was put into designing and manufacturing this product. In addition to delivering extra value for your money, the EXINNO charger puts more power in your hands.

  1. Technology based on 4x GaN

NV6127 and NV6125 Power ICs from Navitas use gallium nitride (GaN) which has 100x faster switching and more efficient capacitance and resistance compared to older silicon chips. Rather than burning energy as heat, which results in the charger heating up to the touch, more power is delivered to the battery, charging it faster.


When switching occurs faster (higher-frequency), passive components (e.g., transformers, EMI filters, capacitors, etc.) consume a lot less energy, resulting in significantly smaller components.


With the Exinno, Navitas in Los Angeles, California has designed two GaNFast NV6127s and two GaNFast NV6125s, making it the first portable charger in the world. As a result, maximum efficiency and minimal heat are achieved for the 240W power.


EXINNO contains the latest GAN semiconductor technology as of 2021. GAN technology has matured over the years after years of development. To reduce the overall size of the charger and control heat generation, we have designed four GAN chips inside the body.

  1. Compatibility around the world

With the EXINNO Charger, you can use it in 200+ countries around the world because it supports universal voltage (100v-240v) and comes with three plug converters (AU/EU/UK). Plugs are compatible with all U.S. 2-port plugs, so you never have to bring travel adapters for your U.S. devices.

  1. An extension cable

For additional flexibility, EXINNO comes with a 150cm extension cable that can also be plugged into the wall. You can use any of the adapters that come with Exinno. Thus, EXINNO can be charged anywhere in the world using any common extension cable. The shortage of chips is very real and serious due to the global pandemic and factory closures. Different materials are becoming more expensive because of it.

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The EGO EXINNO 240W/120W is the king of chargers due to its sophisticated real-time wattage panel, compact size and GaN tech chip. This powerful charger can fast charge 6 devices simultaneously for a great charging experience. With its superior features and design, the EGO EXINNO 240W/120W is a must-have for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable charger. With its multiple power output ports, you can charge your laptops, phones & USB devices all at the same time, providing ultimate convenience. The EGO EXINNO 240W/120W is truly the king of chargers! Get yours today and experience fast and powerful charging. 

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