Woojer edge

Woojer edge

Woojer edge

Woojer edge

Feel music and connect with your inner self!

With Woojer edge, you can feel good as it offers you with everything that no other headphones can provide.

Woojer is usually a progressive feeling with augmented interest. With the use of Woojer edge, forget to hear the sound; just feel the music.

Are you music lover? Then, go for Woojer edge. Woojer edge can make you feel the intensity of sound and music no matter where you are!

Woojer Edge

As we know, sound is the movement of air which is generally generated by perceptible pressure waves. Normal earphones or headphones collect the perceptible portion, but it misses the air movement of sound. It is what Woojer edge mediate.

“You have to just put on vest or belt, attach the audio and begin feel the sound with immersion. Woojer enable you to enjoy all aspects of sound.”

Moreover, Woojer Edge series is found to be intensely flexible. Woojer edge possess the ability to meet the requirements of music lovers, casual gamers, dedicated gamers, movie enthusiasts and music professionals and any other person interested to understand the concept.

You could experience the touch of robust and high conformity in a variable form.

Features of Woojer Edge

  • Woojer edge allows you to gain a powerful and high conformity touching experience.
  • If you are music professional or dedicated gamers, then Woojer edge provides you with a unique as well as interesting experience by allowing low frequencies to enter your body.
  • Woojer edge contains stereo system haptics out of the box.
  • It is also a perfect companion for VR and home games.
  • You can connect a belt or vest via Bluetooth and could feel the pulsat of the device when it beats.
  • Woojer edge is highly appropriate for rhythm practice and rhythm training.
  • The development of woojer strap edge and woojer vest edge provides a unique experience with music and sound.
  • Woojer vest edge could offer you a 360 degree fascination and thereby, give a perfect as well as delicate feeling and raise pulse.
  • You can enjoy theatre quality sound at home with Woojer edge.

Woojer Strap Edge

Woojer strap edge was released in June 2020 and compatible with any VR and AR headsets. The Woojer strap edge is known as a haptic belt that makes usage of an analogue stereo audio signal to produce haptic feelings via a motor attached to the belt.

This edge allows for audio pass through and makes usage of a 3.5 mm line in and 3.5mm headphone jack. Woojer strap edge also permits user to listen to audio with speakers or headphones while giving an input signal to the strap.

Woojer strap edge is broadly well-suited with any VR or AR device that could output an analogue audio signal. It is because woojer strap edge utilizes an audio signal to combine haptic feelings. You require connecting woojer strap edge and Bluetooth headphones to same source in order to enjoy a totally wireless experience with woojer strap edge.

The price of woojer strap edge is around $159.

The frequency range of this edge is 1-200 Hz and there is one haptic motor.

Battery capacity is 3350 mAh and battery life is 8 hours.

Woojer strap edge is not for everyone but it is novel as well as enjoyable. It delivers what it promises and mainly prioritizes haptic experience over quality of audio.

The packaging of woojer strap edge is extremely nice which can impress the users. When I first saw the box, I was impressed and gained a nice unboxing experience. Woojer edge packaging seems to highlight the overall superiority of the product.

Woojer edge

Woojer Vest Edge

Woojer vest edge was released in June 2020 and compatible with any VR and AR headsets. The Woojer Vest Edge is usually a haptic vest that makes usage of an analogue stereo audio signal for producing haptic feelings in the back, sides and front of wearer.

Woojer Vest Edge contains around 6 haptic motors which are non-addressable and could be controlled by way of the input audio signal. The vest edge is extensively compatible with most of AR and VR devices.

The price of woojer vest edge is around $499.

The frequency range of this edge is 1-200 Hz and there are 6 haptic motors.

Battery capacity is 3350 mAh and battery life is 8 hours.

The Woojer Vest Edge provides you comfort and styling and adds feeling to games, movies and music. Overall, it provides haptic experience to users.


Woojer edge specification

Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion battery

Colours: Brown / Black

Material: Fabric, plastic

Weight: 240g

Ports: USB Type-C

Charge time: 3 hours

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0


Woojer edge price

In India, you can get the Woojer product at around 8907.71 Indian rupees.

In USA, UK and other countries, you can get the product of Woojer at around $119 USD.


Woojer Edge – Woojer used to manufacture the woojer edge products. The woojer edge products are mainly designed for enhancing gaming, music, exercise and personal theatre. Woojer edge products are designed with a vision to understand the entwined relationship between sound, emotion, vision and immersion. The accessory bundle of woojer edge mainly involves a USB C Cable, dual 3.5 mm audio cable and a cloth storage bag.


“Woojer – A pioneer in the era of haptic technology with crucial products that conveys high conformity sensation which assist in regenerating the rich emotion of sound.”

With Woojer Edge products, you can feel the music and absolutely feel satisfied. Both Woojer strap edge and Woojer vest edge is a Bluetooth receiver.

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Final thought

Woojer edge provides a haptic experience with music and sound and gaming. It is also a fun experience with superior quality materials.

No one could resist wearing woojer strap edge or woojer vest edge due to its haptic experience. Go with woojer edge to feel the music. Wear woojer strap edge around hips and on chest or around your body and feel the intensity of sound.

A haptic product that hit you right in sensation – that is Woojer Edge!

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