IPL Full Form

IPL Full Form

IPL Full Form

IPL Full Form: The IPL full form is Indian Premier League. It is a twenty-20 cricket tournament played by cricketers from all over the globe. The Indian Premier League is managed and arranged by the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India).

About IPL full form

IPL was founded in 2008 by BCCI. IPL is usually organized each year in India where diverse teams of cricket play 20-20 matches for the semi-finals and end with the final match and receive prizes for winning.

Indian Premier League is not only played by Indian cricketers but also by foreign cricket players. All the cricket players took part in the tournament. The teams developed in IPL represent diverse states of India. It is a professional league organized each year between March and May.

Purpose: The key purpose of arranging the IPL was to bring out a change in the history of cricket patterns.

IPL was mainly designed as well as founded to attract a whole new generation of sports fans in the ground around the nation. Each team that participated in the tournament is given an opportunity to play 14 matches before they qualify for the semi-finals. IPL is perceived to be run by 7 man governing councils comprising ex-Indian players and officials of BCCI.




Rules of IPL full form

Like any other sport, IPL has formed a set of rules that each player and member should follow. Here are some major rules of the IPL:

  • There is no local quota for IPL team players.
  • Each IPL team can have a maximum of 4 foreign players in a group of eleven squads.
  • There is no time limit for the IPL teams since the game uses TV timeouts for their innings.
  • Each IPL team should have at least 16 players.
  • Cricket players who have played List A cricket and under-19 players are eligible to play in the IPL.


Prize of IPL

After playing a series of matches, four teams will be qualified for the semi-final. In the end, one team will win the IPL and gets the trophy along with prize money.

It is compulsory for the winning team to equally distribute the prize money among all the players. However, the winning team will get around 200 million INR to win the IPL. The first runner-up team will get 125 million INR and the second runner-up will get 80 million INR.


Winning teams of IPL

These are the winning teams of IPL till 2022 –

2008 – Rajasthan Royals

2009 – Deccan Chargers

2010 – Chennai Super Kings

2011 – Chennai Super Kings

2012 – Kolkata Knight Riders

2013 – Mumbai Indians

2014 – Kolkata Knight Riders

2015 – Mumbai Indians

2016 – Sunrisers Hyderabad

2017 – Mumbai Indians

2018 – Chennai Super Kings

2019 – Mumbai Indians

2020 – Mumbai Indians

2021 – Chennai Super Kings

2022 – Gujarat Titans


Benefits of IPL full form

Let’s take a look at some key benefits of IPL!

Entertainment mode for people – As we know that cricket has become the largest mode of entertainment in the modern generation and is liked by all. IPL is recognized as the largest means of entertainment for individuals or cricket fans. In this league, teams are divided on the name of Indian states which encourages individuals to watch it and reveal support for their won state. IPL matches are short, which raises excitement among people.

Best platform for new cricketers – IPL is considered the best platform for new cricketers in the world. In IPL, new cricketers get the opportunity to work with experienced cricketers and enhance the quality of their matches. Additionally, they also get an opportunity to shape and learn well.

Add revenue to the economy – IPL is also a means to employment opportunities for many people as each team needs different designers, umpires, coaches, and bodyguards. So, different jobs are available in IPL which further adds revenue to the economy. A huge amount is collected by selling tickets in the tournament which is also important.

Brings the cricket world closer – In IPL, players of different countries play together which shows an amalgamation of culture and values. It encourages people to become more open-minded and brings the diverse group closer from across the world.


How does IPL make money?

The prime idea behind the business model of IPL is to invite private firms to own franchises. Well, investing companies viewed the value of investing in IPL when the franchise rights are sold at high prices. So, IPL creates money by selling off franchise rights.

Nevertheless, IPL is a major source of entertainment for millions, there will never be a shortage of investors. Moreover, around 60-70% of all revenue generated through media rights is earned by IPL teams.


IPL full form: IPL has the majority of followers not only in India but also around the globe. Persons of all age groups love to watch IPL matches and enjoy them. The tournament is held each year and is enjoyed by all.



  • Who is the owner of IPL?

Generally, PL is managed by BCCI, but each team involved in the IPL has a different owner.

  • How many teams are there in IPL?

There are a total of 10 teams in the IPL played against each other every year to win the event and get the prize.

  • Which team has won most of the IPL tournaments?

Among the 10 teams, Chennai Super Kings is the team win most of the winning badges.





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