Google Bard AI chatbot

Google Bard AI chatbot

Bard AI! In the modern era of technology, we came across and working on different technologies to change everyday lives.

We are conducting deep research that truly helps people i.e. AI. However, AI is considered the most thoughtful technology working on today. AI opens up new opportunities that enhance billions of lives.

As we have been working on large language models of AI, we came across new conversational AI service i.e. BARD.

Let’s dive into Bard AI to understand it properly!



Bard is mainly introduced by Google as an AI conversational service. Bard is a form of neural network which mimics the underlying architecture of brain in computer form. Based on large language AI model, Bard intended at countering the popularity of the ChatGPT tool.

Powered by LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), Bard will be exclusively open to group of trusted testers before widely released to the public.

Bard used to combine the breadth of knowledge of the world with intelligence, power and creativity of large language models. It draws enormous amount of text from the internet in a procedure that teaches how to produce responses to text-based prompts. Though, it could lead to the chatbot repeating mistakes from the absorbed information. It also aid in providing fresh and superior quality responses.

Moreover, Bard is said to be an outlet for creativity as well as a launch pad for curiosity which assists in describing new discoveries to develop skills. Bard is a small model that needs less computing power to enable us to scale to more users and allow for more useful feedback.

Combining external feedback with internal testing would assist in ensuring that responses of Bard fulfil major bar for safety and quality in real world data.


BARD – AI driven technology

Based on Bayesian Networks, Bard AI is said to be the branch of artificial intelligence to give modelling solutions for complicated commercial issues. Some examples of the solutions are economic modelling, risk assessment and Bayesian Training.

The announcement of Google’s Bard gives rise to prevalent rumours that Microsoft will shortly incorporate the AI chatbot ChatGPT into search engine Bing as a consequence of multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI.

Bard is helping in evolution of AI as being an experimental conversational AI service. The testing phase of Google involves gathering of inputs to enhance the AI chatbot and set a superior standard of speed along with quality.

Being featured by AI, Bard in Google search used to simplify the complicated information in easier format which further assists in rising user engagement and learnings from the web.


How to utilize Bard AI chatbot

In order to use the Bard AI chatbot, you need to open the Google App on your Smartphone and touch on the chatbot symbol. Then, give your prompt and press Enter. After pressing enter, the AI chatbot could respond to questions or requests to start a conversation.

However, Google is dynamically working to expand and strengthen the skills of chatbot for offering fresh ways to interact with key information.


What makes Bard AI better than ChatGPT?

Both ChatGPT and Bard AI are large language AI models. But few aspects make Bard AI better than ChatGPT. Here are some aspects:

  • Bard AI chatbot is trained to understand natural language as powered by LaMDA. Whereas ChatGPT mainly uses GPT 3.5.
  • Bard also gives answers to questions in an easier format which allows us to understand easily.
  • Thanks to Google’s massive data collection, it allows Bard chatbot to convey in-depth and broad range of data.
  • In terms of data sources, Bard AI also helps in getting up to date and current information since it collect knowledge from the internet.
  • On the other hand, ChatGPT contain limited knowledge.


Is Google Bard AI public?

No, currently Google Bard AI is not public at this moment. It is because it is in the testing phase now and available only to a selected group testers. Though, it is expected that Google will release Bard AI chatbot to the public soon.

After going public, Bard AI will definitely transform the way people access information on the internet.

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Google’s AI journey

Google is supporting individual developers innovate with AI to create innovative AI products. Based on the top models, Google allows others to take benefit from the advancement of the technologies to build innovative applications with AI. It is trying to bring AI benefits to everyday products while on boarding individual developers and enterprises to permit them try Generative Language API powered by LaMDA. It is critical for start-ups to have the needed compute authority to develop reliable along with trustworthy AI systems. Additionally, Google is committed to build AI responsibly in order to bring creative and AI experiences to the whole world in a bold way.

Furthermore, AI is radically transforming our products and thus, Google provides education and required resources for experts to make AI useful and safe. Working with new AI technologies help bring latest AI advancements into products and create novel ways to engage with information.

Work with AI based models to enhance search and bring significant benefits into everyday products.



Bard AI is a conversational service influenced by AI models to help users search recent and updated information. It is helpful in getting superior quality responses for creativity and curiosity. Explore the trends of AI and build innovative AI products to get benefits and transform the way of searching information.

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