Georgia Tax Refund

Georgia Tax Refund

Do you want to know about Georgia tax refund? Then, this article will provide you with details on tax refunds in Georgia to let you know whether you are eligible for tax refunds or not.

Read on to learn about Georgia tax refund!

Overview of Georgia tax refund

A resident of Georgia gets a tax refund when he or she pays more income taxes than owes. The processing time of tax refund usually vary and also rely on the accuracy of the original tax return. Georgia tax refunds are typically issued within 21 days of the tax return being received. But the entire process might take up to 90 days.

Moreover, the state legislature set the rate of income tax in Georgia. Currently, it utilizes a six-tier tax schedule that begins at 1% and moves up to a maximum of 6% on income that exceeds $7,000 for single filers and $10,000 for married taxpayers filed jointly. A tax credit might be given for those who pay taxes in another state but no credits are provided for taxes paid to overseas nations.

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Generally, residents of Georgia filing federal income tax returns should also file a state tax return.

For instance, an income return is compulsory when your earned income is higher than your personal exemptions plus standard deduction. In case, your income is less than the exemptions, then also you need to file a state tax return to obtain qualified income tax credits.

Who will get the Georgia tax refund?

Residents of Georgia will soon get special tax refund payments. Gov. Brian Kemp signed HB 162 on Monday into law, which provides a special state income tax refund to taxpayers of Georgia for the second year. However, the special tax refund was accounted for in the amended 2023 fiscal year budget, signed by Kemp on March 10, 2023. As a consequence of this, there are more than 1 billion in surplus funds on their way back to taxpayers.

Moreover, taxpayers of Georgia who filed returns in both taxable years 2021 and 2022 are found to be eligible for tax refunds. It means you resided and worked in the state of Georgia for both taxable years. On the other hand, you will not be eligible for a special tax refund if you resided and worked in Georgia for only one taxable year.

Amount of refund expected to get based on filing status –

  • Head of household filers could acquire a maximum tax refund of $375
  • It is expected that single tax filers and married persons filed separately could earn a maximum tax refund of $250
  • Married persons filed jointly could obtain a maximum tax refund of $500 based on the tax liability of both

When to expect Georgia special income tax refund?

As per the news release from Kemp’s office, the Department of Revenue will start issuing the funds within 6 to 8 weeks. For those taxpayers, who file their taxes on or before 18 April 2023, the department of revenue is anticipated to issue the majority of tax refunds by 1st July 2023.

According to the governor’s office, taxpayers will have the capability to check the status of the special tax refund through an extra tool on the website of the department of revenue, which is projected to launch in around 6 to 8 weeks.


Track tax refund status

You can track the tax refund status online or by phone with the help of the Georgia Department of Revenue. However, track the tax refund status using the following steps:-

First, gather key information from the currently filed income tax return which may involve social security number (SSN) or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) and the exact amount of your tax refund.

Secondly, check the status of tax refunds online or by phone.

Thirdly, a tax refund will be deposited electronically into a bank account or mailed to you as a paper check. Most tax filers must expect to obtain their refund electronically deposited into a bank account.

Contact the Department of Revenue for assistance, if your tax refund issue includes a deceased taxpayer, a changed name, and a lost or stolen check.


As per the department of revenue, Georgia tax refund might take up to 90 days after acquiring the tax return to process and issue the tax refund.


Things cause a delay in Georgia tax refund

Here are a number of things that could cause a delay in Georgia tax refund:

  • Paper filed returns
  • Your return contains missing or incomplete information
  • Presence of math errors in your tax return or other adjustments
  • The process of verification will take longer if the department requires verifying reported information on the return.
  • You have used more than one form type to complete your tax return.



Georgia tax refund will be acquired by taxpayers who file tax returns. The Georgia department of revenue strives to defend Georgia taxpayers from tax fraud. You can check the tax refund status online or by phone. However, the amount of tax refund varies based on the filing status.

For more information on Georgia tax refund, you can navigate to different websites of the Georgia Department of Revenue.


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